2017 Pink Days Ambassador!



This year’s Pink Days Ambassador is Bonnie Ingalls of Oriskany. On March 28th, 2017, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been journaling her experience, and you can follow along here; www.caringbridge.org/visit/bonnieingalls.

Her sister, Brenda, put everything into words the best;

“Something I think we both thankfully acquired from our mom, my sister immediately began to educate, investigate and read, read, read every possible avenue she could possibly take and do, to defeat this monster of a disease.

She has been back and forth to New York City for her treatment with my brother in law Newt by her side every single inch of the way.

My sister has her own hair salon in Oriskany, Shear Style by Bonnie, and how ironic is it, that the thing she takes pride in the most, making others look and feel beautiful, is now her own challenge. I will clue you in on a little thing, hair is only an accessory and boy does she rock baldness. Most of us can only hope to have just a little of her strength.

She has had tremendous support from her family and dear friends and I, for that, am very grateful she has them all.

We both have a "little" bit of stubbornness in us (that one from our Dad) but hers has now taken over, thank God, as that is a trait I am certain cancer fears the most!

She has been so positive since this started and I truly believe because of that, this mountain will be moved.

She is clearly the apple of her 2 granddaughter’s eyes, Harper Leigh and Sadie Marie and they are another reason for her fight. Her children, Bryan, Lindsay and Mallory Ingalls are also in this fight with their Mom, and I bet you will be the first to tell you "she's got this". I am nominating my sister Bonnie because she wouldn't "want" anything other than for this disease to be eradicated for all. The fight, being positive, having faith and support is most of the battle and I am thankful my sister has all of that.”

Join us Friday September 15th from 5:00 to 9:00 pm here at GreenScapes as we raise funds for Bonnie and her fight. All of the event info can be found at www.greenscapesgardencenter.com/garden-center/local-events/