2018 Pink Days

GreenScapes will be hosting our 7th annual “Pink Days” Friday, September 21st – Sunday September 23rd at the Garden Center. This event is a fun’raiser for a deserving local family and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (www.bcrf.org) as part of the Invincibelle® Spirit Campaign for a Cure. (www.invincibellespirit.net) As part of this year’s event, we [...]

All About Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are medium sized deciduous shrubs with large leaves and attractive, long-lasting summer flowers. The large showy flowers appear in midsummer to late summer and vary in form from flat “Lacecap” clusters, to big globe shaped flowers to tall upright panicles. Flower color on the blue varieties will vary from pink to blue depending on [...]

Planting Success!

Trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials are living things that need nutrients and care to thrive. Here at GreenScapes, we strive to give you all the tools you may need to ensure that your plants last a lifetime. Proper planting techniques, good soil, and adequate water are the keys to successful plantings; we'll help you get [...]

Animal Damage

Animal Damage Food shortages in winter force animals to feed on bark, twigs, flower buds, and foliage. Deer, rabbits, mice, and voles are the usual culprits. Using tree guards or 1/4-inch mesh hardware cloth can protect tree trunks. The cylinder should extend 2 to 3 inches below the ground line for mice and 18 to [...]