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All About Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are medium sized deciduous shrubs with large leaves and attractive, long-lasting summer flowers. The large showy flowers appear in midsummer to late summer and vary in form from flat “Lacecap” clusters, to big globe shaped flowers to tall upright panicles. Flower color on the blue varieties will vary from pink to blue depending on…
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Fall is for Planting!

Fall is 0ne of the best times to install trees, shrubs and perennials. With warm days, cool nights, and more dependable rainfall, plants installed in the Fall months will develop better root systems. Plus, this is the time of year where you can really see the colorful foliage on these plants. Here is a great…
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Fall is for COLOR

We are coming up on the Fall months, which many of us are looking forward to. Cooler days, changing leaves, apple cider, football games; it doesn't get any better. Do something this Fall that you can enjoy for seasons to come; Plant Trees! Whether it is Shade Trees, Flowering Trees or Fruit Trees, any tree…
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