Garden Starter Kits

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Each kit will include a variety of vegetable seeds, planting soil, 6-pack planters and growing & care information. These would be great for your child’s activities or to get your own garden started during the Winter months! Plus, you’ll get delicious and fresh produce to enjoy with the whole family!

*GreenScapes Garden Starter Kits* $19.99 each

Whats included: 3 Six-pack planters, planting soil, Care Instructions, & a Variety of seeds  ** we will do our best to provide each kit with as many varieties as possible!**

If you’d like to purchase a kit (or 2!), please let click “Buy Now” below. We will contact you after your order is placed and the kit is ready for pick up!

 ** If the kits are SOLD OUT when you go to order, please contact us – we will notify you when the second round of orders becomes available!