What’s in stock?

Spring has arrived and we’re ready to #GetGrowin!

whats in stock at greenscapes

Shipments are going to start arriving very soon, but in the meantime, here is a list of what is available TODAY! Everyone wants to know, “What’s in stock?”

  • Bagged Soil Amendments (Potting Soil, Compost, Planting Soil)
  • Bagged Barkmulch (all 4 colors!)
  • Bulk Barkmulch (all 4 colors!)
  • Bulk Planting Soil
  • Bulk Gravels
  • Bulk Sand
  • Bulk Compost
  • Fertilizers (for trees, shrubs, evergreens, roses, hydrangeas, fruit trees, annuals, perennials and starter fertilizer for new plantings!)

Click HERE to see photos of our bulk products and get more information.

Give us a call today to check inventories, or if the gate is open, stop in and say hi!

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