Why Do You Garden?

“Why do you garden?” ?????
Relaxation? To get outside? Sense of pride in your yard?

Whatever it is, we want to hear from YOU! Tell us why you garden for a chance to win a tote full of goodies – just in time for planting season! Comment on social media, send a message or email – send pictures or video too if you have them ?

Like, share and tag some friends in the post to be entered… and don’t forget to like our pages too ? Winner will be chosen and notified April 19th.


2018 Winner...

... and the 2018 winner is - Jessica (and Elijah) Jones!

Why does Jessica Garden?
"My 9 year old LOVES to garden, he can not wait for the snow to go away so he can’t start planting his seeds! He loves to garden “because i like to eat the stuff i plant and being connected to nature while gardening” Elijah jones...in the picture taken yesterday he is using the manure from his chickens to fertilize his garden"

Elijah was a busy gardener last Summer...