Why Do You Garden?

“Why do you garden?” 🌸🌳🌻🌿🌹
Relaxation? To get outside? Sense of pride in your yard?

Whatever it is, we want to hear from YOU! Tell us why you garden for a chance to win a tote full of goodies – just in time for planting season! Comment on social media, send a message or email – send pictures or video too if you have them 👍

Like, share and tag some friends in the post to be entered… and don’t forget to like our pages too 😊 Winner will be chosen and notified April 19th.

2018 Winner...

... and the 2018 winner is - Jessica (and Elijah) Jones!

Why does Jessica Garden?
"My 9 year old LOVES to garden, he can not wait for the snow to go away so he can’t start planting his seeds! He loves to garden “because i like to eat the stuff i plant and being connected to nature while gardening” Elijah jones...in the picture taken yesterday he is using the manure from his chickens to fertilize his garden"

Elijah was a busy gardener last Summer...