Mulch & More

Bulk Materials – Mulch, Stone, Soil and more!

At the Garden Center, we stock bark mulch, washed gravels, decorative stone, soils, amendments and base materials – all available for delivery or pick up!  Call the Garden Center for pricing and inventory.


🌱 Screened Topsoil
🌱 Planting Soil Mix
🌱 Screened Sand
🌱 Compost
🌱 Washed Gravel #1, #2, #3
🌱 Cobblestone
🌱 Brownstone #3
🌱 Crushed Gravel #1 & #2
🌱 DGB / Driveway Mix / Crush ‘n Run
🌱 Stone Dust
🌱 Pink Roundstone
🌱 Autumn Red Stone
🌱 Black Magic Barkmulch
🌱 Dark Walnut Barkmulch
🌱 Ruby Red Barkmulch
🌱 Lite Natural Barkmulch (un-dyed)












1 cubic yard of mulch covers approximately 100 square feet (10′ x 10′ area) with a 2-3″ depth

To figure out how mulch/stone you will need:

  • Length x width (Sq. Ft.)
  • Then, divide this number by 9.
  • And divide that answer by 36 and multiply by desired depth (ex. 3 inches) = cubic yards
(ex: 10 ft. x 25 ft. area = 250 square feet
250 divided by 9 = 27.7, 27.7divided by 36 = 0.77
0.77 multiplied by 3 = 2.3  just over 2 yards needed.)

*Delivery of mulch, soil and stone is available. There is a 3 yard minimum for any delivery and a delivery charge. Charges will be quoted based on distance from Garden Center. (Weekday deliveries only)

How much does that bulk material weigh? (*please consider these weights when loading your trucks and trailers.)

Topsoil, Topsoil w/ Compost, Compost, & Sand: about 2,200 lbs. (when dry) per cubic yard

Gravel #1,2,3, Stone Dust & Driveway Mix: about 2,500 lbs. per cubic yard

Cobblestone: about 2,800 lbs. per cubic yard

**Note: Being an organic material, mulch, when damp, is the perfect environment for funghi growth. While it may be an eye-sore for the homeowner this orange-yellow growth is not harmful to the mulch or plants and can be easily removed from the area by raking.