Create your own Victory Garden

“Victory Gardens” were commonplace during times of war. People planted food gardens of vegetables, fruits and herbs at their private residences and community parks and gardens. These gardens were planted not only to supplement food rations, but also to boost morale. Gardeners can feel empowered by their contribution of labor and rewarded by the produce […]

Thank you!

Thank you for your purchase of our “Kid’s Garden Kit”!  Once the kits are ready for pick-up, we will notify you (should be about 2 weeks).  Now it’s time to #GetGrowin! Included in your kit are 6-pack planters, a variety of vegetable seeds, and planting soil.  You’ll also need water, a tray to collect water […]

Kid’s Gardening Kits

Each kit will include a variety of pollinator flower seeds, planting soil, 6-pack planters and growing & care information. These would be great to integrate into your child’s “home-school” activities! Plus, you’ll get beautiful flowers to cut for bouquets or plant outside for pollinator insects and birds to enjoy. *GreenScapes Kid’s Gardening Kits* $17.99 each […]