Thank You

Throughout our 38 years, I don’t think we’ve had a year quite like this one.

With the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season in full swing, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you. We’re beyond grateful for our amazing customers and generous community. Whether you’ve shopped with us only once, or have been coming back year after year – we couldn’t do this without YOU. 

The uncertainty of the season that we were feeling in the Spring quickly disappeared when the weather turned warmer. It was a pleasure to be greeted with smiling faces and people eager to “Get Growin'” each day! Our delivery drivers were kept busy, our landscape crews were getting booked up, and the garden center was the best place to be.  Seeing people excited about getting out in their yards as a way to escape, stay active and spend time with their families truly warms our hearts. 

It is easy to dwell on what we did not get to do this year, but when we look back, it is much more satisfying to reflect on the things we did receive; spending time outdoors, quality time with family, completing projects you’ve always wanted to do, or even picking up a new hobby. Maybe 2020 is a year you’d rather forget, but maybe it’s a year to be grateful – grateful for what you do have, grateful for the people in your life, grateful for a supportive and generous community.

As we near the end of this unique year, take a moment to think about some things that you are grateful for.  Then, spread the love.  If you’re able, spread love and cheer to your family and neighbors, to small businesses who may be struggling, to non-profit organizations in need, and to strangers. A simple smile or nice gesture may just change someone’s day.

So, thank you. Thank you for making this year successful for us and keeping us busy during a crazy time. Thank you for choosing to shop small and shop local. Your generosity and patronage help businesses like ours thrive and stick around for years to come. We’re grateful for you.