Winter Desiccation in Evergreens

Have you noticed your evergreens have a rust color to them? It is winter desiccation, heavily affecting dwarf alberta spruces and firs this season. There are a few reasons behind it that you can read about here.

The extreme cold in January had a lot to do with it, especially combined with the really warm spell that we just went through. The needle color change happens fast when the weather swings violently like it did.

Some of this cold injury has been apparent to those of us that are outside all of the time.
The needle browning, or loss, does not necessarily mean that the plant is dead, the new buds may have come through the winter OK, but only time will tell.  Keep checking back to GreenScapes for tips and suggestions to help your plants along.


Information provided by:

Steve Blair – ISA Certified Arborist/Representative

Bartlett Tree Experts
6271 Fremont Rd. East Syracuse NY 13057